We have a wide variety of options from set menus, platters, ocean fresh seafood or tender steaks grilled to perfection. We are well-known for our generous servings and excellent food.
We welcome you to Kücki’s Pub & will do everything we can to ensure that your visit is enjoyable, relaxing & filled with warmth & love.
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Fresh Atlantic Oysters 115
6 fresh oysters served on ice with lemon wedges

Chilli Oysters 115
6 deep-fried Atlantic oysters served with a chilli sauce.

Grilled  Oysters 120
6 grilled Atlantic oysters with garlic sauce and cheese.

Garlic Snails 65
6 snails in garlic butter and served with bread fingers.

Cheesy Garlic Snails 70
6 snails topped with a creamy garlic cheese sauce and
served with bread fingers.

Camembert ‘Kirsten’ 97
Crumbed, deep-fried Camembert cheese served with a cranberry sauce on toast.

Mussel Pot 98
8 to10 half shell mussels smothered in a creamy garlic and white wine sauce. Served in a traditional three-legged iron pot with a ‘brötchen’ on the side.


Chicken Livers Piri-Piri 78
Chicken livers prepared with a spicy piri-piri sauce and served on a bed of rocket with toast on the side.

Crumbed Calamari Rings 65
Deep-fried and served with a tartar sauce.

Crumbed Mushrooms 67
Deep-fried and served with a tartar sauce.

Swakopmund Asparagus (seasonal) 88
Fresh local asparagus steamed and topped with a hollandaise sauce.

Avocado ‘Ritz’ 80
Avocado served on a bed of lettuce, topped with shrimps, prawn meat and our homemade seafood cocktail sauce.

Smoked Salmon 125
Finely sliced smoked Norwegian salmon served with horseradish and capers on a bed of lettuce with toast on the side.

Smoked Barbel 70
Smoked local barbel (catfish) fillets served with avocado and toast.

Game Carpaccio 98
Ultra-thin springbok loin slices marinated in olive oil and lemon juice, served with rocket and parmesan shavings and toast on the side. Add black pepper, balsamic vinegar, lemon and olive oil to taste.

Fish Soup 55
A creamy soup made from fresh fish stock, served with a ‘brötchen’ and butter on the side.

French Onion Soup 55
A French classic: A mouth-watering soup with caramelised onion and fried bacon bits served with a thick slice of toast topped with grilled cheese.

Game Goulash Soup 55
A hearty soup based on the traditional Hungarian stew, with game meat, potato and paprika. Served with a ‘brötchen’ and butter on the side.

Tomato Soup  45
A velvety, rich soup made with ripe tomatoes. Served with a ‘brötchen’ and butter on the side.

Butternut Soup  55
A rich, creamy butternut squash soup, slightly sweet and full of flavour. Served with a ‘brötchen’ and butter on the side.

Kϋcki’s Garlic Bread  25
Our classic grilled grau bread with garlic, parsley and lemon butter.

Seafood Dishes
All main dishes EXCLUDE side dishes. Please order from “Side Orders”

Take note that all grilled fish is lightly dusted with flour.

Fresh Kabeljou (Kob) (when available)  130
Grilled fillets. Our version of catch of the day, the kabeljou is an edible saltwater fish common to the Western coastline of Southern Africa.

Kingklip 160
Grilled fillet served with lemon butter OR garlic butter. Kingklip is low in fat and prized for its delicate flavour and firm white flesh.

Atlantic Sole 150
Grilled and served with tartar sauce. Atlantic sole is a flatfish with a bone in the middle.

Butterfish (when available) 145
Grilled. Butterfish has a distinctive, rich flavour - hence, the name butterfish or oil fish.

Hake  75
Grilled fillet of hake. Hake is considered one of the best fish in the whiting family because of its firm, sweet, white meat and medium flake, and its subtle flavour.

Portuguese Style Hake  75
Fried hake fillet with a crispy, golden batter.

Tuna Steak  195
Sashimi grade tuna loin grilled to your preference (medium rare is a popular choice). Served on a bed of roasted onion and a trio of colourful bell peppers and topped with béarnaise sauce.

Calamari Rings 100
A choice of grilled OR crumbed rings. Served with a piri-piri OR garlic sauce.

Calamari Steak  100
Lightly seasoned and grilled.


Prawns  285
6 to 8 large prawns (approx. 270g), grilled and served with a piri-piri OR garlic sauce.

Prawns & Calamari Combo  195
3 large grilled prawns and crumbed calamari rings served with a piri-piri OR garlic sauce.

Crayfish (when available)  300
2 whole West Coast rock lobsters, grilled and served with a piri-piri OR garlic sauce.

Seafood Platter
For one person  470
For two persons 770
Grilled crayfish and prawns, crumbed calamari, mussels, oysters and selected fish.

Bouillabaisse (ideal to share) 525
Indulge in another house speciality! A classic French seafood stew made with crayfish, prawns, calamari, mussels and kingklip, and a rich, spicy sauce. Served in a traditional three-legged iron pot with toasted grau bread and aioli on the side.

Surf and Turf  205
A combination of sea and land: 2 large grilled prawns, crumbed calamari and a choice of Springbok loin, Oryx steak OR beef fillet (150g).

Extra Prawn to add  45
Approx. 45g. Add to any dish!

Meat Dishes
All main dishes EXCLUDE side dishes. Please order from “Side Orders”

Kücki’s Beef Burger 110
Bring your appetite to the table!! Our succulent beef burger is served on a jumbo roll with the traditional lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese, and topped with your choice of cheese and pepper sauce OR cheese and mushroom sauce.

Kücki’s Chicken Burger 110
Choose between a grilled OR a crumbed chicken breast served on a jumbo roll with lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese, and topped with a mushroom sauce.

Oryx Burger 125
Our unique patties are made from ground Oryx and served on a jumbo roll with lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese, topped with your choice of cheese and pepper sauce OR cheese and mushroom sauce.

Kücki’s Garlic Steak  300g 108 450g 148
This signature dish has been served from 1981 by the original owner, Wolfgang Kühhirt (better known as Kücki). An aged beef rump steak chargrilled to perfection and served with garlic butter and crushed garlic.


Beef Fillet 250g 112 500g 175
Single or double beef fillet, chargrilled to your preference.

Pepper Steak 128
A 300g beef sirloin chargrilled to your preference and topped with our peppercorn sauce.

Steak and Egg 118
250g beef fillet, chargrilled to your preference and topped with a fried egg.

T-bone Steak 148
Approx. 500g, chargrilled to your preference.

Oryx Steak 148
300g Oryx, chargrilled to your preference.

Springbok Steak 148
300g fine textured springbok loin, chargrilled to your preference.

Hunter’s Schnitzel  115
Tenderized, chargrilled Oryx steak topped with a mushroom sauce.

Springbok Schnitzel  115
Crumbed springbok loin.

Pork Schnitzel  95
Crumbed pork.

Chicken Schnitzel  95
Crumbed chicken breast.

Cordon Bleu  108
Choice of pork OR chicken. Schnitzel-style pork or chicken breast wrapped around ham and cheese, crumbed and deep-fried.

Chicken ‘Hollandaise’  95
Chargrilled chicken breast served on a bed of roasted onions and colourful bell peppers, topped with a hollandaise sauce.

Eisbein 165
Slow-roasted pork knuckle, with deep-fried crackling served with traditional ‘sauerkraut’ and mustard.

Pork Roast  98
Slow-roasted pork shoulder topped with our divine meat gravy and served with red cabbage and an extra bit of pork crackling.

Oxtail 150
A rich, hearty dish of slow-cooked oxtail in a red wine and tomato based sauce. Try it with rice or our homemade ‘spätzle’.

Marinated Spare Ribs  180
Approx. 800g of cooked and then chargrilled pork ribs covered with a thick and sticky, sweet barbecue sauce. 


All our salad dressings are homemade

Mixed Garden Salad 55 72
Tomato, onion, cucumber, carrot and lettuce served with our salad dressing.

Greek Salad 82 102
Feta cheese, olives, tomato, onion, cucumber, carrot and lettuce served with our salad dressing.

Blue Cheese Salad 88 115
Blue cheese, tomato, onion, cucumber and lettuce served with our blue cheese salad dressing.

Chicken Salad 78 98
A mixed garden salad topped with grilled chicken breast strips and served with our tangy ‘pink sauce’.

Extra Avocado 20



All dishes are served with chips.

Pork Schnitzel, Chicken Schnitzel, Steak, Fish, Crumbed Calamari Rings OR Marinated Spare Ribs 72


Vegetarian Stir-fry  118
A medley of vegetables that may include onion, bell peppers, cabbage and green beans, served on white rice.

Vegetable Pasta 128
A variety of vegetables that include butternut mixed with pasta, feta cheese and a cream sauce.

Fresh Swakopmund Asparagus (seasonal) 118
Fresh local asparagus steamed and topped with a hollandaise sauce. Served with parsley butter potatoes.

Vegetarian Burger 110
Two vegetable patties made from potato and vegetables, served with a toasted brötchen and lettuce, onion, tomato and our homemade mayonnaise or any sauce of your choice.


Vanilla Ice Cream 49
Served with hot raspberries OR chocolate sauce.

Crème Brûlée 43
A rich custard-based dessert topped with caramelized brown sugar.

Kücki’s Banana Split 55
Banana and seasonal fruit served with ice cream and a syrupy fruit topping.

Malva Pudding 49
A sweet pudding of Cape malay origin that contains apricot jam and has a spongy caramelized texture as a hot cream sauce is poured over. Served with hot vanilla custard OR vanilla ice cream.

Dom Pedro  Single 49 Double 67
A blended drink of vanilla ice cream and a choice of Bell’s whisky, Kahlua, Amarula OR Frangelico.

Irish Coffee Single 49 Double 67
A cocktail of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and topped with whipped cream.

Espresso Single 26 Double 50

Coffee or Tea 20

Cool Drinks
Coca Cola
Crème Soda
Dry Lemon
Ginger Ale
Tomato Cocktail


Passion Fruit Cordial
Lime Cordial
Cola Tonic Cordial
Coke Light
Coke Zero
Orange Juice
Guava Juice
Mineral Water Still
Mineral Water Sparkling
Rock Shandy (small & large)

Beer & Cider

Local Beers

Local Beer
Hansa Draught • Beer Shandy (500ml; 300ml)
Tafel Lager (330ml)
Windhoek Lager • Windhoek Light (330ml)
King Lager (330ml) • Stellenbrau Craft - Weiss or Lager (500ml)
Windhoek Draught (440ml)
Urbock (ask waiter if available)
Imported Beers
Castle Light
Clausthaler (alcohol-free) / Clausthaler Lemon (alcohol -free)
Erdinger Weissbier - Hell - Dunkel - Alkholfrei (when available)


Savanna Dry • Savanna Light
Hunter’s Gold • Hunter’s Dry • Hunter’s Extreme


Smirnoff Vodka

Klipdrift Premium
KWV Brandy 5yrs
KWV Brandy 10yrs

Gin & Cane

Gordon’s Gin • Mainstay Cane


Remi Martin


Red Heart • Captain Morgan
Spiced Gold • Bacardi


Bell’s • J&B
Scottish Leader • Jameson
Jack Daniels
Johnnie Walker – Red Label
Johnnie Walker – Black Label
Johnnie Walker – Gold Label
Johnnie Walker – Platinum Label
Johnnie Walker – Blue Label

Martini - Rosso
Martini - Bianco


Williams Birne


Tequila (Gold & Silver)


Southern Comfort


Fernet Branca
Kleiner Keiler


Full Cream Sherry
Medium Cream Sherry

Wine List

Wine per Glass (ask your waiter)

Dry white 23
Semi-sweet white 23
Dry red 23


Van Loveren Blanc de Blanc 70
Aromas of guavas and litchi with a dry mineral finish.

Van Loveren River Red  70
Popular unwooded dry red with soft tannins and dark berry fruit flavours.

Sparkling Wines

Nederburg Cuvèe Brut 175
Classic dry sparkling wine produced from selected white cultivars.
Rosé Wines

Kumala Zenith Rosé 100
A crisp, refreshing rosé with ripe red fruits, strawberry and watermelon flavours.

The Wolftrap Rosé 140
The nose consists of floral notes and fresh red berry fruit. Juicy red cherries, cranberries and pomegranate dominate a very balanced palate.

Delheim Pinotage Rosé 165
Vibrant, light pink in colour. Concentrated raspberry and strawberry aromas filled with floral undertones.

Landskroon Blanc De Noir 135
A fresh and fruity off-dry white wine made from red grapes.  Pale coral colour. 

Dry White Wines

Landskroon Chardonnay 145
A dry finish, with rich lemony and tropical flavors. Easy drinking.

Eikendal Janina Chardonnay 240
Nose is subtle with hints of white peach, pear and lemon rind. Flavours of pineapple and quince on the palate.

Glen Carlou Unwooded Chardonnay 240
Nose is subtle with hints of white peach, pear and lemon rind. Flavours of pineapple and quince on the palate.

La Capra Chardonnay 125
This light straw coloured wine has lime, cardamom and summer floral notes and a delicious apple aftertaste.

Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc 140
A delightful combination of green apple, litchi, passion fruit and exotic tropical fruit aromas.

Fairview Sauvignon Blanc 170
With notes of passion fruit accompanied by bright citrus aromas on the nose, this is a full rich and textured wine.

Kleine Zalze Sauvignon Blanc 175
Intense, zesty bouquet of passion fruit and melon backed by notes of nettle and fresh green asparagus.

Glen Carlou Sauvignon Blanc 210
This wine shows a white peach and tropical fruit profile, underlined with apricot, passion fruit and flowery flavours.

Flagstone Poetry Sauvignon Blanc  130
Flavours of melon and passion fruit entice the nose, with green figs and a zesty citrus twist on the palate.

Fairview Viognier 225
Powerful stone fruit and honeysuckle aromas and nuts followed by a fuller bodied palate with spice and lingering fruit flavours.

Fairview Chenin Blanc 170
Fragrant citrus and tropical fruit notes and a fresh rounded palate with gentle oaking.

Flagstone Tributary Chenin Blanc 195
A fresh peach bouquet with ripe apricot and dried pear followed by exotic aromas. Tropical notes follow with a hint of vanilla.

Fairview Darling Riesling 190
Aromas of spring blossoms, orange and tropical fruit. A wine with great balance and fresh acidity.

Graca White 95
The easy drinking Mediterranean white wine.

Red Wines

Nederburg Cabernet Sauvignon 195
Rich, bold and full-bodied, with notes of berry and plum. Hints of vanilla spice.

Fairview Cabernet Sauvignon 225
Deep vibrant red colour with blackberry fruit, cedar and oak spice.

Glen Carlou Cabernet Sauvignon 295
A well-balanced wine with copious amounts of fruit, a smooth and complex finish.

Ridgeback Lion Hound 170
An intense, juicy red blend of dark cherries, plum and liquorice with a hint of cigar box and wood spice.

Glen Carlou Merlot 235
Fresh and clean palate with plenty of ripe and red cherry, cassis and plum undertones. The mid-palate is bright with red fruits and soft tannins.

Robert Alexander Merlot 195
Bold plum flavours and supported by a firm tannic backbone. Ripe fruit character and well-balanced palate.

Spier Merlot 195
Ripe red and black berries, dark plums with an undertone of eucalyptus and mint. Soft tannins, and easy to drink.

Flagstone Poetry Merlot 140
A mixture of dark red fruit, cigar box and mint aromas with well-balanced wood.

Fat Bastard Shiraz 280
The nose displays spicy, sweet blueberry and eucalyptus while the palate exhibits flavours of paprika and tobacco.

Fairview Shiraz 225
Hints of spice on the palate followed by black berries, vanilla and plums.

Porcupine Ridge Syrah 165
Powerful and full-bodied with concentrated flavours of black pepper, raspberry, mulberry and liquorice.

Truth Tree Pinotage 195
The palate is rich and beautifully balanced. Flavours of darker blackberry and cherry with hints of dark chocolate and spicy oak.

Fairview Pinotage 225
Cranberries, violets and plum aromas with a hint of vanilla.

Dragon Tree Flagstone Cabernet/Pinotage/Shiraz 235
A mixture of rich dark fruit, cigar box and minty aroma with the wood well-balanced. Sweet and spicy undertones give this wine great depth.

Flagstone Longitude Shiraz/Malbec/Cabernet Sauvignon 240
Spicy undertones and hints of crushed cashew nuts and fresh mint give this wine dimension.

Eikendal Charisma 295
Intense fruit on nose which follows through to the palate. A smooth wine with delicious juicy fruit.

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